Honda Maintenance Minder Codes Explained

Honda Maintenance Minder Codes Explained at Germain Honda of College Hills

Regular maintenance is the best way to make sure that your Honda vehicle continues to run reliably for many years. But there are a number of components that need maintenance, and it’s not always clear which component needs servicing at a given mileage interval. To make things easier, Honda has introduced the Maintenance Minder System.

There is no universal maintenance schedule for all Hondas. Factors like your model, engine type, transmission type, and whether or not you have a towing package installed are all factors used by Honda engineers to draw up specific maintenance schedules for each vehicle. All of this is done to make it easy to properly maintain your Honda and prevent problems before they occur.

Honda Instrument Panel

Understanding the Maintenance Minder System

The Maintenance Minder System will tell you how much engine oil life is left, shown as a percentage. This starts at 100% when new, and will gradually decrease over time to 0% to indicate how much life is left in the engine oil. Also shown on the system are Messages, Main Items, and Sub Items. Below is a list of all these, along with definitions to help you know what it means when you see one of these.


Oil Life 15% – Service is due soon. Now is a great time to schedule an appointment with Honda East for scheduled maintenance services.

Oil Life 5% – Service is due now. As soon as possible, you should take your vehicle to Honda East for scheduled maintenance.

Oil Life 0% – Service is past due. You will also see a mileage readout which indicates how far overdue you are for service. To avoid harmful wear or damage, take your vehicle in for service now.

Maintenance Main Items – Symbols

A – Indicates engine oil should be replaced.

B – Indicates engine oil and filter should be replaced. Inspections of various systems and components should also be done. See your owner’s manual for additional details.

Maintenance Sub Items – Numbers

1 – Rotate tires, verify correct tire pressure and condition.

2 – Replace air cleaner element, inspect drive belt, and replace dust and pollen filter.

3 – Replace transmission fluid and transfer fluid (if equipped).

4 – Replace spark plugs, timing belt (if equipped), inspect water pump, and inspect valve clearance.

5 – Replace engine coolant.

6 – Replace rear differential fluid (if equipped).

Honda Maintenance Minder System

Decoding the Maintenance Minder System

Now that you’ve had a primer on what Messages, Main Items, and Sub Items all are – here is an example of how to decode an entire system message.

Let’s say you’re seeing an orange wrench along with the code “A3” displayed on your Honda Maintenance Minder Message. The “A” is the Main Item and just tells you that the engine oil should be replaced. The Sub Item is the “3” and it tells you that your vehicle’s transmission fluid and transfer fluid (if equipped) need to be replaced.

It’s also important to remember that you will always have a Main Item any time that there is a message displayed, but Sub Items are based on mileage intervals, and sometimes there won’t be any. Alternatively, there might be multiple Sub Items listed, for example, A125. In this situation, Sub Items 1, 2, and 5 would all need service.

To help you see when these reminders will appear in your specific Honda vehicle, you can use the helpful link below.

Honda Diagnostic Scan Tool

Benefits of Following the Maintenance Minder Schedule

Far more than the simple oil change reminder you might find in vehicles from other manufacturers, the Maintenance Minder provides advantages that you and your vehicle will both benefit from.

  • Continued reliability
  • Extended vehicle life
  • Continued warranty coverage
  • Improved resale value

The Maintenance Minder does also provide a schedule for engine oil changes, and following this will ensure that you’ll get more life out of your engine. Modern engines don’t require oil changes as frequently, so following the recommended schedule will also eliminate unnecessary waste from too frequent oil changes. This helps you and it helps the environment.

  • No unnecessary wasted natural resources (oil)
  • No unnecessary hazardous materials that will require proper disposal (oil and filters)
  • And as a consumer you will only pay when it is necessary, saving you time and money

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