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Reserve your Honda Special Event

  1. Work with your Germain Honda Product Expert to review incoming inventory.
  2. Reserve your vehicle with a $250 refundable deposit.*
  3. Avoid the hassle of shopping around for your next new Honda.
  4. Receive a $250 discount voucher at the time of delivery.**

Inventories of new vehicles have remained in limited quantities due to the strain on automotive supply chains caused by current global conditions. If you’ve begun your search for your next new Honda vehicle, there’s a good chance that you’ve encountered some trouble locating the exact model, trim, color, or combination of your desired options. Thankfully, our team at Germain Honda of College Hills is standing by to introduce you to an outstanding new way to get the Honda vehicle you’ve had your eye on.

Rather than settling for a vehicle that’s not quite what you had in mind, reserving your next Honda from our inbound inventory offers a variety of advantages and benefits that you may not have previously considered. Our team is here to guide you through the reservation process from start to finish with the goal of getting you behind the wheel of a Honda that’s already on its way to the dealership. While some of our competitors are using the current inventory shortage as an opportunity to overcharge you for the vehicle you want, Germain Honda of College Hills makes it possible to reserve your vehicle without paying extra. We’ve kept our vehicles priced at MSRP, without any excess charges or “market adjustments”.

Why Reserve Your Next Honda

Honda Civic Sedan

Already decided on your next Honda model? Reserving a vehicle from our unsold inbound inventory is the ultimate way to get behind the wheel and start enjoying your new vehicle. First, you’ll be able to know the exact model, options, and expected arrival date of your Honda. Rather than searching all over the state only to settle for a vehicle that’s not quite what you wanted, reserving your next Honda removes the uncertainty of your next new car purchase. Germain Honda of College Hills is your top destination for the latest Honda models and we’re standing by to help you find the right vehicle for your lifestyle. Don’t fall victim to the predatory pricing tactics of other dealerships trying to take advantage of the current inventory shortage with ridiculously inflated pricing and “market adjustments”. Reserve your next Honda at MSRP right here at Germain Honda of College Hills.

Reserve Your Honda – Frequently Asked Questions

Is a deposit necessary in order to reserve a vehicle?

  • Yes. A $250 deposit is required to reserve a Honda. This deposit is refundable and can be applied to a down payment on your new vehicle or used to purchase the vehicle outright. In the event that you prefer to lease or finance the vehicle, the deposit can be returned to you in full or partial after your contract has been signed and you have taken delivery of the vehicle.

Can I reserve a vehicle via phone or online?

  • Yes. Our team is eager to help you finalize and reserve your order via phone or the internet. We do suggest visiting us in person prior to submitting the reservation to view your exterior color of choice in person (if possible) to make sure that it lives up to your expectations.

Will I be eligible for special rebates, offers, or lease incentives if I reserve my Honda?

  • Once your reservation has been placed, the price of your vehicle will be determined at that point. Since incentives and rebate programs can change from month to month, we can only provide you with an estimate of your potential monthly payment. However, after we know the month that your vehicle will be delivered — you can take advantage of the current programs and incentives available at that time.

*Deposit is a commitment to purchase and that your $250 will be applied towards purchase of a vehicle or service/parts from Germain Honda. See dealer for complete details.
**Offer Expires 1/31/22. $250 discount voucher is a discount from the original MSRP.