Tire Rotation & Tire Balance in Wooster, OH

Tire Rotation / Tire Balance

Suggested Service Interval: Rotate every 5K Miles / Balance every 10K Miles

What is it?

During the tire rotation, the tire wheel assemblies are moved from one position to another to more evenly distribute wear and maximize tire life. Because the front tires pull the vehicle forward, front tires wear differently than rear tires.

Tires can become out of balance with normal tire wear.

Tire balancing equally distributes the weight of the tire and wheel assembly to spin smoothly at high speeds. Special equipment spins the tire and wheel assembly to measure vibrations and the technician installs wheel weights as needed to eliminate the vibrations.

What if I ignore it?

  • Increased likelihood of uneven tire wear.
  • Excessive tire wear.

What if I take care of it?

  • Prolong tire life.
  • Help ensure your vehicle’s optimal handling with more even tire wear.


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