Transmission Fluid Replacement in Wooster, OH

Transmission Fluid

Suggested Service Interval: Every 30K miles

What is it?

Automatic Transmission Fluid provides hydraulic power to perform transmission functions, such as shifting gears. It also lubricates and cools internal components.

CVT Transmission Fluid is used specifically in vehicles with first generation CVTs. Instead of using fixed gear ratio, like in a conventional transmission, the CVT varies ratio continuously based on engine speed, vehicle speed, and other driving conditions.

What if I ignore it?

Transmission fluid degrades and breaks down (wears out) with use, and poor fluid quality or condition can cause vibration, judder, or shock when starting off, accelerating, or decelerating, as well as cause unstable engine speed while driving.

What if I take care of it?

  • Help maximize longevity of transmission.
  • Help maintain optimal transmission performance and driving quality.
  • Help prevent possible costly transmission repairs.


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