Where are Honda Vehicles Produced?

Where Are Honda Vehicles Made?

Nearly four decades ago in 1985, Honda was the very first Japanese manufacturer to begin assembling engines in the USA. Similarly, the brand also became the first Japanese company to export U.S.-built cars to overseas markets in 1987. Two years later in 1989, Honda started building transmissions in the United States as well.

The very first Honda manufacturing plant in America opened in Marysville, Ohio back in 1979. Today, a total of 12 different Honda manufacturing plants are in operation across the country. If you’ve ever wondered where your Honda vehicle was made, Germain Honda of College Hills has the answer! We’ve created this useful reference guide that provides a breakdown of Honda manufacturing operations across the United States.

Honda Manufacturing Video

Honda U.S. Production Totals (2020)

Cars & Light Trucks 966,000
Automobile Engines 1,061,000
Transmissions 942,000
General Purpose Engines 1,307,000
Power Equipment Products 585,000
Powersports Products 97,000
Aircraft 31
Aircraft Engines 56

Honda United States Automotive Manufacturing Operations

Honda of America Manufacturing

Marysville Auto Plant – Marysville, OH

  • Production Started – 1982
  • Capacity – 440,000 Vehicles
  • Associates – 3,900
  • Honda/Acura Models Produced – Accord Sedan, Accord Hybrid, CR-V, ILX, TLX

East Liberty Auto Plant – East Liberty, OH

  • Production Started – 1989
  • Capacity – 240,000 Vehicles
  • Associates – 2,700
  • Honda/Acura Models Produced – CR-V, MDX, RDX

Performance Manufacturing Center – Marysville, OH

  • Production Started – 2016
  • Capacity – 8-10 Vehicles Per Day
  • Associates – 100
  • Vehicle Produced – Acura NSX, RDX PMC Edition

Honda Manufacturing of Alabama – Lincoln, AL

  • Production Started – 2001
  • Capacity – 340,000 Vehicles / 340,000 Engines
  • Associates – 4,500
  • Honda Models / Engines Produced – Odyssey, Passport, Pilot, Ridgeline, V6 Engines

Honda Manufacturing of Indiana – Greensburg, IN

  • Production Started – 2008
  • Capacity – 250,000 Vehicles
  • Associates – 2,600
  • Honda Models Produced – Civic Sedan, CR-V, CR-V Hybrid, Insight

United States Honda Manufacturing – Quick Facts

Exports – Honda has exported 1.37 million automobiles from the U.S. since 1987.

Light Truck Production – In 2017, Honda expanded its light-truck supply capability by adding production of the Honda CR-V to the Greensburg, Indiana plant.

An Auto Industry First – Honda’s Georgia associates now produce the auto industry’s first 10-speed automatic transmission for front-wheel-drive vehicles.

12 Plants – In 2016, Honda’s 12th state-of-the-art manufacturing facility opened in Marysville, Ohio to produce the Acura NSX – the only supercar produced in America.

Aviation in North Carolina – In addition to assembling automobiles, HondaJet is manufactured at Honda Aircraft Company’s worldwide headquarters in Greensboro and aircraft engines are built by Honda Aero in Burlington.

Cars.com American-Made Index

American-Made Index – Cars.com

Beginning in 2006 and continuing each year, the team at Cars.com releases their annual American-Made Index (AMI) that looks at just how American-made a potential vehicle may be. Factors taken into consideration in this study include the number of Americans employed at the factory-level by the manufacturer, engine origin country, transmission origin country, origin of parts in the car as reported for the American Automobile Labeling Act, and final assembly location.

In 2021, a total of four Honda models earned a spot on the top 10 most American-made vehicles list*. If you’re looking for an American-made vehicle, no other manufacturer offers more options than Honda*..

  • #6 – Honda Ridgeline (assembled in Lincoln, AL)
  • #7 – Honda Odyssey (assembled in Lincoln, AL)
  • #8 – Honda Pilot (assembled in Lincoln, AL)
  • #9 – Honda Passport (assembled in Marysville, OH)

*Source: 2021 American-Made Index, Cars.com – https://www.cars.com/american-made-index/